Ensuring complete transparency, Veritas’s art consultant fees are always discussed and agreed upon in advance. After discussing your needs, Veritas can more accurately estimate charges as well as the most appropriate price structure for the project. If you are unsure of what you've got, for example, if you've inherited art or purchased something at an estate sale, we recommend having an initial appraisal done with our sister company, What's It Worth? Art Appraisals. Users upload photos of their art, supply detailed information and pay a very reasonable fee, and professional appraisers will identify and value your piece. This can help determine if a full apprasial is warranted. 
For more information, please call (312) 252-9772 or email 


Many times potential clients do not know if their object(s) warrant an appraisal or have market value. Veritas can arrange an on-site visit to determine your future needs.
If within a 20 mile radius of our offices, and visit takes no more than 2 hours – $400.00 Flat Rate If outside a 20 mile radius and the visit warrants more than 2 hours, Veritas can discuss a pre-determined fee based on the client’s needs.


$195.00 per hour


$175.00 per hour

Discounts are provided for non-profit organizations, educational institutions, museums, and insurance carriers.

Fees for art appraisals are in no way based on a percentage of value.

art consultant fees